Cogman service for software development of information. Even better, Cogman have service including Software Development, Coordinated Development, Think Tank, Consultant. We do not just development for you, we do care more about the future for you as a friend, a partner.

With highly expectation to solve requirements, problems and issues. We suggest our client to have a consultation or discussion with us before make decisions. To let us know what situation you are facing and also let you know how we could support you. Then you will not waste any of your resource and let your requirement be processed in more efficiency.

Thinking you are a client, a friend, but more like a partner.

Cogman Ltd. Established


Before, Btb Lab. support some developing team as a outer source. But with the desire to develop something more challenging, more meaningful or more charitable. Deciding to beging a official company, Cogman Ltd.

Btb Lab. Add Development Based JavaScript Purely


After closing to co-work with backend development. Btb Lab. try to develop some utils in pure javascript. So that it can be used not only for frontend developing but also backend developing.

Btb Lab. Add Development Based on Vue


With luck, having chance to join the team which develop frontend with Vue. Then Btb lab. decided to do the effort to devleop some component baed on Vue. Although, they are not totally published to NPM. But somehow those components became the foundation for further component developing by any framework of frontend.

Btb Lab. Add Development Based on React


Before the day beginning to develop components based on React and published to NPM as open source components. Btb Lab. was focusing on building the enviroment for components developing such like Webpack, Gulp, Rollup. After this work, our first open source component is called blacktbox-list.

Btb Lab. Established.


The Black Tool Box Laboratory was established on 2017/12 as an experimental laboratory for developing frontend as a begining. It aims to develop some components, modules, utils as prototype for supporting customized development. Frontend development is a begining and entrypoint to build a more flexible and low-dependency on third-party libraries. It's like a toolbox for developer to solve advanced customized requirements. Backend development of customized supporting solutions are expected to develop too.